Bob Martin: Suffolk Alumni

Bob Martin is a singer/songwriter who was born in Lowell, Massachusetts and attended Suffolk University during the 1960's. Martin was heavily influenced by Jack Kerouac the beat poet who also grew up in Lowell. This is one of my favorite portraits I shot of Bob for Suffolk Universities Alumni magazine.

Open Fields is a children's community theatre organization my family and I have been members of since 2001. The success and level of production is due to the amazing commitment from the kids and volunteers. I have been the chief photographer since the beginning. This is an image from the recent production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Children's Memorial at the Edgartown Lighthouse

I have been a photographer since I was a teenager. I feel very fortunate to have been able to follow my passion and make it my life's work. It has always been very gratifying as an artist to create images. For the past 7-8 years I have been working on a personal body of work shot with a 4x5 pinhole camera. The majority of images are landscapes shot on Martha's Vineyard and other destinations around the world by the ocean. I have photographed the Edgartown Lighthouse on MV many times over the years.

A while back I was contacted by a family that was interested in buying a print of the lighthouse they had seen . The woman who had contacted me told me some history of the lighthouse I was not aware of. In 2001 the Children's Memorial at the Edgartown Lighthouse was incorporated into a renovation . The base of the lighthouse was rebuilt with cobblestones with the names of children carved into them who have died from illness or accidents.

The image that I was always very proud of now suddenly took on a new significance. It was a rare opportunity for me to do something with very little effort for someone else that meant a great deal to them. I gave this family as well as some other families a print for their home. They also used the image on a postcard that was given to families at the annual memorial service.